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Finishes Of Pearl Sinks

Glossy finished sinks have mirror like shining look.

Satin finished sinks have that rich, buffed silver look achieved by a vary Hi-tech process. Only 'Nirali' has the special polishing machines especially imported from Germany & Italy for this finish.

Anti Scratch
The special different dotted surface on these sinks give it Anti Scratch properties. Anti Scratch sinks retain their contemporary elegant & immaculate

Type Of Sinks

Set on
These sinks are having border thickness of 18 mm . It is ideal if installed flush with

Inset type sinks have borders lines with rubberised strips & clips ideal for

Plain type sinks have flat borders for correct sandwiching between the platform top and Granite slabs

Ceramic Cotting for Sound Deadening
Reduces unwanted sound. Helps maintain water temperature. Improves heat retention in winter. It acts as a barrier to condensation. Reduces vibration from dishes and running water.

Plastic Cotting for Protection
Safety from scratches during packing. Safety from Cement & POP. Safety from White-wash

Salient Features :

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